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by +Owen Jones

Online Internet dating advice is abundant: it's on the Internet, in magazines, books, newspapers and on the TV. Online Internet dating advice is so easy to give that an eight-year-old even wrote a book about it. (That child is intelligent and ought to be sought

after by the girls, because while fundamental, all of his dating advice is true.

If you have read this book on online Internet dating, you would be forced to admit that that eight-year-old child does know what he is proposing (no pun intended): that is to keep everything straightforward. And that it in a nutshell when it comes to dating, keep things simple.

Leave your past in the past. There's a reason it's called the past. The first thing any giver of dating advice would tell you is that a fresh start is important for a date to go well. Boring your date with tales of the ex's misdeeds is a definite no-no. Don't let old grudges get in the way of new opportunities.

'Just be yourself' is probably the best dating advice possible. Sure, people like to show themselves in the best possible light and impress their date, but if they are not behaving their usual selves, not only will they feel uneasy, but their date will pick up on the uneasiness too.

Not to expect too much (nor too little) is also good dating advice. If you expect too much from one date or from te person you are dating, it is highly likely that you will be discouraged by the results. After all, your date is only human too and first dates are generally at least slightly awkward.

A question that crops up time and time again is: who should pay? The general consensus of opinion in dating advice circles is that the one who invites, pays. But, others argue that it is always better to go 50/50 every time to avoid embarrassment.

Furthermore, there is yet another school of dating advise though, that reasons that a man is not a "gentleman" if he doesn't offer to pick up the bill. The best thing to do in this scenario would be to settle for something that you and your date are both comfortable with.

Maybe texting your date before your meeting is also a sound idea as it puts him or her at their ease and allows you to discussonline internet dating interests or hobbies informally - in a less tense environment than a first date would be. This can help you choose a setting for the date that you would both enjoy.

Basically, just remember, no matter how much dating advice you have, it's all up to you in the end. No date is the be-all and end-all, so if one doesn't work out, never fear, there will be others. No matter how difficult the first date seems, it does get easier until it's actually fun.

by +Owen Jones